Meet Nathan Baldwin

Dietitian (APD) & Nutritionist (AN)

I'm a soccer lover, doggo dad, pasta lover and dietitian.

My passion is to help people of all sizes & shapes heal their relationship with food & body with intuitive eating. Having struggled with my own relationship with food & body image for many years, intuitive eating changed my life and I've been so glad to help change the life of my clients through my guided, structured, measurable and evidence-based intuitive eating coaching program.

My special interests include helping people who struggle with:

Food guilt


Binge eating

Yo-yo dieting

Emotional eating

Intuitive eating with health conditions

My program helps you to learn how to intuitively recognise & honour your hunger & fullness, make peace with your food & body and discover an amazing balance that nourishes your mind, body & soul.

Featured in


Association for Size Diversity & Health (ASDAH)

Members of ASDAH commit to practising Health at Every Size (HAES) to support work towards a world celebrating body diversity and reduce weight-based stigma to provide all bodies equal opportunity to pursue health and well-being.

Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA)

The APD title is the only protected trademark for nutrition professionals by Australian law and is used to identify university-qualified nutrition specialists that adhere to strict ethical and evidence-based guidelines to improve clientele health.

Health at Every Size (HAES) ®

As a HAES practitioner, I practice weight-neutral care, respect people of all bodies and weight, work to reduce the stigma for people living in larger bodies and promote flexible and individualised eating patterns for health based on physical, emotional and other needs instead of restrictive and weight-centric care.

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