How the program works


My program helps you to restore natural, healthy behaviours & relationships with food & body.

I help you achieve this through a structured Intuitive Eating learning approach, regular specialist 1:1 support & with access to key resources to fast-track your journey.

The aim of my program is to help you comprehensively understand and master the foundational, intermediate and complex information, behaviours and skills that influence your relationship & habits with food & body.

I monitor client progress using your validated & tangible data collected through the program. This provides reassurance that you not only feel better, but your data, skills and confidence with Intuitive Eating are too!

'My program is designed for true, long-term behaviour change where you will  become the master of your own health & make my role as a coach obsolete'

Modules within my coaching program include:

1. Foundational behaviours & introduction to Intuitive Eating

Restoring foundational natural eating rhythms & understanding your relationship with food

2. The food & body-image connection

Re-tuning into natural hunger signals & understanding the relationship between food & body beliefs

3. Intuitive Eating Autonomy & Healing body-image

Mastery of core intuitive eating skills, & navigating body-image & movement


4. Understanding food, mood and feelings 

Understanding & rationalising emotional eating, coping skills & the impact of food on mental health.

5. Becoming your own coach - Intuitive Eating mastery

Mastering self-coaching skills, reflective activities & cementing your 'why' to become your best advocate.

Heading 6
Everyone deserves to live without ongoing food guilt & body shame, 
including you.
Take the first step towards reclaiming your life & health from the diet-mentality.
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